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Group Travel


Friends that travel together, stay together…

Cuvée specializes in organizing food and wine themed trips for groups of all kinds. We help wineries, wine shops, country clubs, culinary groups and others to create truly unique and unforgettable experiences. From small private cycling trips to large food and wine cruises, Cuvée will handle all the details from start to finish to ensure a carefree and successful group getaway.

Why group travel?

  • Builds Relationships: Traveling together creates lasting bonds. You will get to know your clients on a deeper level, which allows you to provide better service.

  • Creates a Community: Group travel allows you to create a community of like-minded travelers who share the same passions and interests. Clients build camaraderie with each other and expand their friendship circles and networks - with your business as the core. In fact, guests love the group experience so much that they often travel together year after year.

  • Exclusivity: Create a customized, exclusive trip that clients cannot find anywhere else. This solidifies your reputation as someone “in the know” and provides value to your clients.

  • Builds Loyalty: By growing your relationships, clients become more loyal and are more likely to purchase again, purchase more and refer friends and family to your business.

  • Publicity: By promoting the trip through events, advertisements, email marketing and social media, you will be increasing exposure and foot traffic to your business.

  • Incentives: Cruise lines and tour companies often offer incentives for groups, such as discounts, special events, shipboard credits, and complimentary excursions.

Why wine and food travel?

  • Connection: Wine and food bring people together. We all know the power of sharing a great meal or bottle of wine. Coming together at the table is a universal unifier.

  • High Interest: Culinary travel is hotter than ever as travelers want to fully engage in a culture.  Food and wine always have been an integral part of travel, but travelers now want to go behind the scenes and truly experience the culture as a local.

  • Endless Options: Food and wine travel experiences are exploding in the travel world, with both land operators and cruise lines expanding their offerings.

Why Cuvée Wine Travel?

  • Focus: We specialize in food and wine travel, which allows us to not only delve deeper in this niche but to know what food and wine enthusiasts are looking for.

  • Expertise: As trained sommeliers and wine educators, we leverage our contacts to create insider experiences not open to the public.  We have the knowledge to avoid the tourist traps and offer a bespoke journey tailored to your group’s tastes and desires.

  • Group Experience: We work with Kelly Cruises & Tours, a luxury full-service travel agency that has been successfully managing groups for over 30 years. From corporations to celebrities, we know how to create a successful group trip, and together we handle all the details from start to finish.

  • Connections: Our affiliation with Kelly Cruises allows us access to pre-vetted travel resources around the globe, including partners in the esteemed Signature Travel Network.

  • Peace of Mind: You can rest easy that knowing that you will be well taken care of. Our seasoned team of consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you and your group will receive the highest customer service and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Are you thinking of organizing a group trip?  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation or email us at